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Arab sex - Always a topic man likes to think about and like to discuss. In the Western world this changed so much over the last few years that women are now coming into the open and discuss and even mention their own preferences. It is not a closed topic anymore but there is an exception. The Muslim women as seen or for that matter not seen behind her veil is not allowed doing this.

A woman named Heba Kotb

This was until a woman with the name Heba Kotb, from Cairo Egypt started doing just that. As a devout Muslim she used the Koran as her inspiration to tell women and men to have more sex. In fact she is blunt in saying "Wherever, however and whenever." Her reason being that having sex in the same place, with the same women, the same way, same steps is what brings the complaints and starts the arguments. That is if you are doing it at all.

Kotb, is a certified sex therapist in Egypt. In her private sex clinic she deals with topics nobody would have talked about earlier. The fact that she is a woman and a Muslim makes this even more frowned upon. She does seem to stay with married couples. The frowns also seem to be less and the sex taboo fades when women ask her advice as host of a sex advice show that broadcast across the Arab world. They say she does not hold back on advice.

Questions about ejaculation, oral sex and best sexual positions are answered in a way that brings God in as the provider for all sizes and shapes to be compatible.

According to the Koran?

She gets away in that she is seen as a good Muslim and therefore her advice carries the stamp of approval from the Muslim community. Allah is central to Kotb's approach to sex. She is well educated with four graduate degrees but her advice is supported by the holy book of her Islamic faith, the Koran.

Foreplay, female orgasm come from her source for sexual well-being as located in the chapter in the Koran called "The Cow." This details the daily life of a man and woman, including their sex lives. She says the Koran actually encourages the faithful to have sex often, mix up the positions and please each other, while not fearing exploration. She encourages women to explore their own bodies and believe there is too much sexual ignorance in the Arab world. Her argument is the divorce rate of more than 60 percent in Egypt.

Married couples should have sex all the time without excuses to keep it interesting. Her advice is to have sex with your wife repeatedly and frequently. The only things off limits, according to her sex advice by the Koran, are having sex during a womans menstrual cycle and anal sex. Everything else is acceptable. She mentions that her studies in America did influence her way of thinking.


Though many women would still not feel comfortable discussing their sex life with friends, maybe doing it over the radio, knowing that nobody knows who you are does seem to be an option. In a recent article an American pastor Ed Young had called on his Texas ministry to have sex everyday for a week. He said it is the glue which keeps the marriage together.

Arab sex